“I want you protected, and your case handled correctly from the start.”  

James Martin

Over 25 Years Experience


Defective Products

There are several legal theories that often apply to a defective product claim, including strict liability, negligence, breach of implied and express warranty, and possibly consumer fraud. Jim includes each of the legal theories, that are applicable, to not only provide liability through the use of one or more, but also to pursue the highest damage settlement or award for his client. For example, pursuant to Vermont’s consumer fraud statute, a would be defendant or actual defendant, as the case may be, that has violated Vermont’s consumer fraud statute is liable not only for compensatory damages, but also reasonable attorney’s fees and possibly punitive damages. Jim has successfully completed a significant and substantial amount of defective product cases ranging from a defective dog leash that struck and permanently disfigured a woman, to defective hunting equipment that ripped a finger off of a hunter’s hand, to a defective automobile that permanently injured a mechanic.